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AngryApps Updates Released!

Updates to the iOS AngryApps have been approved by Apple and released!  Changes include:

  • Updated interface assets for iPad Retina
  • App icon, launch screen and branding updated to reflect our new AngryApps brand!
  • Library updates
  • In-app purchase restore button make it easy to get your Plus upgrade back on new devices
  • Upgrade screen now shows the local price for the upgrade before clicking the button
  • Notifications of when animal downloads are completed
  • Various bug fixes and speed improvements

Plus!  New animals have been included for free in each app!

  • AngryDog now includes a Dachshund
  • AngryCat now includes a crazy cartoon cat
  • AngryPet now includes a Guinea Pig
  • AngryZoo now includes a Polar Bear
  • AngryFarm now includes a Pig
  • AngryBugs now includes a Spider
  • AngryWild now includes a Rattlesnake!

And as always, any of our AngryApps can get the animals from all of the other AngryApps by purchasing our very cheap Plus upgrade in-app!

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