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We’ve all been there at some point in our life: walking through a field, or maybe hanging out by some nectar, when one of these fluttering furies lands on you. It’s up to you to decide what you do next when that situation presents itself, whether to slink away or confront the creature head on. These menacing moths can strike from anywhere, changing from cranky caterpillars to bad butterflies!

*** Are YOU Prepared? ***

Nonscientific studies have shown that 92.1% of all people are completely unprepared for an angry butterfly incident. For that reason, we created AngryButterfly.

*** Do Not Taunt the Angry Butterfly ***

The best thing you can do when confronted with an angry butterfly is slowly walk away (or, in some cases, bow and crawl backwards away slowly, acknowledging its supremacy). This application is designed to simulate the effects of what happens when you do NOT do this. Touching and moving an angry butterfly is a bad idea! If you don’t believe us, try the app and see for yourself what can happen.


  • Gets angrier the more you play with it! 
  • Changes from caterpillar to butterfly! 
  • Hilarious animations! 
  • Funny animal sounds! 
  • Angry animal interactions 
  • Progressive anger 
  • Interface changes as the angry animal gets angrier 
  • Tracking of past anger levels allowing you to try for an ever-more-angry animal! 
  • Optimized for tablet and phone device!

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Each week we are offering an additional angry animal available to download for FREE to your AngryApp! Check back each week to see what new animal is free to download!

TO DOWNLOAD OTHER ANIMALS: You must be connected to the Internet! Click the Menu button and other animals to download will appear in the list under the “Angries” tab. If the tab isn’t there and you are connected to the Internet, close and reopen the menu.


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  • You get access to over 60 animals from all of our current AngryApps!
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This is an app strictly for entertainment. No animals were harmed in the creation of this app, and in no way do we condone the treatment of real animals in any harmful way. Have fun with the app, and leave the real animals alone!

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